Family Friendly Gas Cooking!

Isn’t it fun to watch the Food Network and discover the possibilities of what you can create at home? Having a gas or induction cooking surface enables you to take foods from a high heat to a simmer with instant results, just like the great chefs on TV. For many people in the Tampa Bay area, gas is not an option due to the limited availability of natural gas or higher cost of LP gas installation. Fortunately, as availability expands, more and more local residents are able to have gas cooking as an option!

Having LP gas piping already installed in our home, our family recently upgraded from an electric to a gas range. With 2 young children in the home and one more on the way, we were concerned about little hands turning the gas control knobs. One of the innovative features of new GE Profile & GE Cafe ranges is the Gas Lockout button, which closes the gas lines and eliminates the possibility of gas being inadvertently being released into the home. Even though our curious kids have yet to turn the knobs, we can rest assured that our home is safe after we’ve finished cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We selected the GE Cafe dual-fuel range, which features the gas lockout option along with 5 sealed burners, a convenient griddle that can replace the center grates and a convection oven that pre-heats very quickly. The burners have varying power levels from simmer to “Power Boil,” which offers great flexibility for every type of cooking. The convection oven can bake & roast foods 25% faster with better results, but can always be used as a standard thermal oven for normal cooking. The integrated griddle is one of our favorite features for Saturday morning pancakes or even lunchtime panini sandwiches!

Are you cooking with gas?  Would you recommend it?  Why or why not?  If you have any questions that we could answer you can leave a comment here or send us a message at


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