Energy Saving Clothes Dryers for the home

With so much publicity around Energy Star qualified washing machines, dishwashers & refrigerators, many customers ask about Energy Star ratings on dryers or ranges.  There have never been any Energy Star qualified dryers…until now. 

 A dryer can be used once a week, once a day, or even 10 times a week, depending on your household size & lifestyle, so Whirlpool ENERGY STAR Dryerit’s hard to estimate average energy consumption or costs.  As you can imagine, heating air and tumbling the clothes uses a lot of energy, so a dryer can be one of the more expensive appliances to operate in a home.   In fact, these appliances account for approximately 6% of residential electricity consumption.  Since 80% of US households have a dryer, that’s a lot of energy being used!  Thanks for more advanced sensors and new technologies, energy savings dryers are now becoming available that can provide cost savings, but more importantly, provide energy savings.

About three years ago, the EPA began to take steps to measure dryers and reported on ways that clothes dryer efficiency could be improved.

The new label will recognize highly efficient gas and electric dryers that use about 20% less energy than required by 2015 federal standards.

So far, one brand has already jumped on the new category. Whirlpool announced an Energy Star rated Duet steam dryer.  Available soon, this model will complement the high-efficiency front load washers and provide incredible cost savings when used together.  Also on the horizon is an LG dryer that utilizes hybrid heat pump technology to deliver fast drying performance while using less energy.  The first of its kind, a heat pump dryer recaptures that hot air, removes the moisture from it, and then pumps it back into the drum to dry more clothes, resulting in up to a 50% energy savings!heatpumpdryer

Watch for these great, energy-saving dryers to start arriving in showrooms soon!


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