What’s the next big trend for kitchen appliances after Stainless Steel ends?

Stainless steel appliances have been the most popular color in kitchens for the past 15 years and, while the finish will FrigidairePRO_reducedcontinue to be very popular, we are always wondering “what will replace it” as the next trend?  Clearly, Stainless Steel provides a durable finish that can make any kitchen have a sharp, professional look and has become the modern choice.  Stainless does take some extra maintenance to keep it looking clean, but it still remains the the #1 seller across the country.  Traditional colors like Black and White have continued selling well during this same time, since many people are just replacing a broken appliance and want to keep all of their appliances matching.  That said, the traditional colors have also evolved and become more designer friendly, with many of today’s Black and White appliances featuring sleek, high-gloss finishes that provide a bit of style, instead of the old textured surfaces that we typically think of for color appliances.

So what’s next?  There have been a number of alternatives brought to market over the past few years…in both kitchen BlackStainless_Samsungand laundry products, each trying to follow the ever changing design trends.  Whirlpool Corporation introduced White Ice & Black Ice collections that combine the sleek appearance of high-gloss color, but with stylish Stainless Steel handles…pretty much blending both worlds.  These models continue to be available today and are used in many new homes.  GE Appliances introduced the Slate finish more recently, which is a painted gray surface with a matte finish, accented with Stainless Steel handles, that is designed to blend with today’s most popular cabinetry and countertop colors.  In fact, the designers at GE Appliances selected the final shade of Slate very carefully after considering 100’s of color variations, hoping to achieve the perfect hue that is visually appealing to both consumers and designers. While Slate was originally available on just a few select models, the products sold so well that they expanded the collection…with most nicer GE models now available in both Stainless Steel and Slate.  Since we’ve wondered how in the world the popularity of Stainless Steel could ever go away, it seems logical that the next new color is a warmer variation…called Black Stainless.

Black Stainless is a new finish being offered currently by KitchenAid, Samsung and LG Appliances, with some small BlackStainless_KitchenAidvariances among each.  All carry the durability of Stainless, but have a fingerprint resistant characteristic because of the muted tone and feature stylish Stainless Steel handles.  This definitely seems like it can be the next big thing…especially since 3 major manufacturers are already running with it…and GE Appliances already has a similar finish with Slate that is extremely popular.  Once you see them in person, you understand what a great look manufacturers have created.  The only question remaining is, which finish will you choose when it’s time to update your kitchen?  We would love to help you with that!

BlackStainless_SamsungKitchenLG Black Stainless appliances


4 thoughts on “What’s the next big trend for kitchen appliances after Stainless Steel ends?

  1. I am interested in the black stainless steel appliances. Hard to decide between the black stainless and the traditional stainless appliances. I need to purchase a refrigerator, dishwasher, gas drop in stove, & microwave oven and might redo my granite counter tops with another hard surface product. Any feedback will be helpful.
    Thank you

    1. We are seeing about a 50/50 split between black stainless and traditional stainless steel kitchen appliances now…so it’s definitely caught on quickly. All predictions are that black stainless will become the dominant color because of the stylish look with today’s cabinetry & countertops, but also the easy maintenance…no more stainless steel cleaner each week. Another good option is GE Appliances’ Slate finish, which is a painted surface with a color designed to compliment your cabinets, floors & countertops…it almost makes the appliance blend in. I’d say go with Black Stainless…there are great bonus rebates available on it during holiday promo periods.

  2. I have a country kitchen with knotty pine cabinets and cedar counter tops and cedar bar with wood color ceramic floor I need new appliances and I don’t know which one to get black stainless or slate I would love some thoughts

    1. The Black Stainless would look great in most kitchens, but with your pine and cedar, you may really appreciate the “earthiness” of the Slate paint color, which is designed to blend in.

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