Take on Meals with the Bosch Steam Convection Oven


The Bosch Steam Oven lets you cook with the health of your family in mind. Steam your vegetables, so you don’t reduce the nutritional value of your meal! This oven sits conveniently above a warmer or storage drawer, so it can tie into your kitchen appliance suite seamlessly, without sacrificing the style of your kitchen. And you can’t go wrong with a steam oven and warming drawer combination. Cook crispy tender meals in a flash and place them in the conveniently located warming drawer or store all your cooking equipment in the handy storage drawer when you’re done.

Bosch makes it easy to outfit your kitchen with the best appliances. A Color TFT Control Panel with SteelTouch™ Buttons exemplifies smart convenient appliances that make it easy to program cook settings. Say yes to the best steam convection oven in its class that installs seamlessly for effective and delicious cooking with every meal. Style and function work together to provide all the conveniences of modern cooking with the Bosch Steam Oven.

For more information about the Bosch Steam Convection Oven and other appliances, like compact refrigerators and dishwashers, contact our store today!


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