December 14, 2018

You may not realize it, but the way you sleep could be affecting the way you live. The angle you rest your head at to the placement of your arms can both play a major part in not only your sleep life, but also your overall health. Over time, if you continue to lay in bed with bad posture, you could potentially get neck pain, sleep apnea, headaches, stomach issues, and so much more.

If you’re looking to prevent these health problems from happening in your future, there are a couple ways to avoid them altogether. There are numerous and proactive ways that you can make sure your sleep is healthy for years to come such as changing your mattress to a Tempur-Pedic or even just adjusting your sleep positions. Take these tips into consideration to help your sleep posture be the best it can be.

Cute pug dog sleep rest with the funny mask in the bed, wrap with blanket and tongue sticking out in the lazy time

  1. Sleep on Your Back

Only about eight percent of people sleep on their back, but this is hands down the best way to snooze. When you lay on your back, your head, neck, and spine all align, distributing the pressure appropriately throughout your body. While you should never wake up feeling achy, the only big con of sleeping on your back is snoring. Lying down in such a way can allow for your tongue to block your airway making snoring and even sleep apnea more severe.

Fortunately, there is a solution and it involves a Tempur-Pedic mattress. With the help of an adjustable Tempur-Pedic Bed, you’ll have the ability to position your body upright so you can comfortably lay on your back without being in any danger of your airways getting blocked.

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  1. Avoid Laying on Your Tummy

One sleep position you should completely avoid as if it were the plague is sleeping on your stomach. Even if it is your favorite way to sleep, it’s time to move on and find a better way. Our bodies are not meant to lay on our stomachs for long periods of time. We’re just not shaped that way, so our body distributes weight awkwardly when it’s essentially upside down, making your stomach, your spine, neck, and back all start to feel strained and stiff.


  1. Get a New Mattress

If you don’t think it will be easy to change your sleeping habits, getting a Tempur-Pedic mattress is a great solution. Tempur-Pedic beds are made with Tempur foam, which adapts to your body and conforms to your shape, no matter what position you’re sleeping in. Your body will be able to sink in and be supported in all the right places, giving you personalized comfort.


Whether you have bad sleeping posture or just a bad mattress, picking out a Tempur-Pedic bed to fit your needs will help resolve a good amount of your sleep-related problems. Stop by our store to test out the advanced technology of Tempur material, and you’ll understand how these beds can make any sleep position better.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Pets on Your Tempur-Pedic Mattress

October 16, 2018

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Is there anything better than cuddling with your pets? You could argue the point, but we truly believe resting with your furry friend is an important past time you should share with them. Now, where that takes place is a different story. It’s common for people with pets to just let their animals jump up on the bed to snooze with them, but we can’t emphasize enough how bad this is for your Tempur-Pedic mattress.

There’s a time and a place for napping with your little companion, but it’s not when you’re going to sleep. Read on to discover why your fur buddy should probably not participate in your bedtime slumber.


  1. Dust, Pollen, and Allergens – Oh My!

If you have an outdoor cat and a dog that gets a lot of outside playtime, then you’ll probably be most affected by the mayhem that comes with that. These animals may be clean, but that doesn’t mean they don’t bring in fun allergens from outside. From dust particles to flecks of pollen, your pets have a way of bringing these inside and setting your allergies on fire.

If your pets jump into your bed every night, they’re likely to track those unwanted allergens all over your sleep space, which can easily be absorbed into your mattress. Don’t ruin your Tempur-Pedic Mattress or aggravate your senses by letting your “furiend” sleep with you.


  1. Accidents Happen

Kids can’t always help it, and neither can your pets. Sometimes they get the urge to release their bodily fluids, and then it’s just too late. Your mattress is suddenly wet and smelly and there’s just no going back. So, the best way to keep a clean bed, free of from animal accidents? Just don’t let them on your bed.

You should always try protecting your Tempur-Pedic with a mattress cover anyways, but unfortunately, liquids still have a way of soaking through the protector. Keep the pets off and you’ll never need to worry about a mess occurring.


  1. Catch a Bug

If you let your cats and dogs up on your bed often, there’s a good chance they’ll bring in more than just dust and pollen from outside. Germs, ticks, and other icky things could easily crawl their way into your bed sheets, and even your mattress! Of course, even if your animals get all the appropriate shots to prevent ticks, worms, and other creepy crawlies, your animals still have microscopic bugs that can easily find their way into your bed which can ultimately mess with your immune system. To prevent waking up with a fever, keep the pups and kitties off the bed.

Cute 8 weeks old Pied French Bulldog Puppy resting in her bed

We know it’s a hard thing not allowing your pets on the bed, but a clean Tempur-Pedic mattress is much better for your health. Try finding another spot you can hang out with your animals on, such as a futon, or consider getting your pet their own bed! Either way, keeping the furry fellows off your Tempur-Pedic will keep your mattress, and you, in a better state. If a pet has ruined your bed and you’re ready for a fresh start, stop by our store today to find a Tempur-Pedic bed void of animal hair.

Feng Shui Tips when Adding Your Tempur-Pedic Bed

September 27, 2018

Concept of Relaxation and Balance

You just got a Tempur-pedic bed! That tells us at least two things about you. First, you are smart. And second, you love comfortable beds. But now that you’ve bought your new bed, you are probably wondering, what comes next? What about some help setting up your sleeping area? That’s where Feng Shui – an ancient Chinese pseudoscience that is commonly used to help design and layout living spaces – comes in.

Your new mattress gives you a chance to breathe in the fresh air of change, and take a look at what is and what isn’t working in your current bedroom space. We’re also here to help you do that. So, without further ado, here are some Feng Shui tips to help you redecorate your room with your new Tempur-Pedic bed.

Bed Placement

You have a brand spanking new Tempur-pedic bed, so shouldn’t you get the very best from it? Absolutely! And does Feng Shui have a suggestion for where you should put your bed? Double absolutely!

Your bed should give you a view of the door so that you can see if somebody walks in, but not be directly in front of the door. Also, you want some duality to your bed. It should have room on each side for a person to get into it, and also balanced nightstands on both sides.

Round Nightstands

This one might be oddly specific, but who is to argue with ancient geomancy? While we are on the topic of roundtables, Feng Shui calls for specific ones. Instead of square endtables, go for rounded ones. Right angles can create “poison arrows” which aim bad energy directly at your sleeping space.

Use Your Head


Pillows aren’t the only support that your head needs. You also should invest in a good headboard, and a wood one at that. A wood headboard (wood is thought to help support your energy) makes a good companion piece for your Tempur-Pedic mattress – giving you additional support along with all the support from the mattress —  so you’ll be bringing out the energy of your space and complimenting your new mattress at the same time!

Empty of Electronics

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard this advice, but it also has its own basis in Feng Shui. The bedroom is for sleeping and it isn’t a place for electronics, which create Electro-magnetic fields. The fewer the better, even if it is somewhat of a modern impossibility to remove them completely from your room. If you are electronic addicted, you can start by moving one minor electronic device out of the room, then wait a few days and remove another. Keep repeating the process until your space is finally electronic free!

Coupling Up

If you are single and looking, creating a space that can be open to another person is important. You don’t want your bed to be in a corner up against a wall, or have access or a nightstand only on one side. Pretend you are decorating for two, and make sure that you aren’t sending other unconscious single signals to people who enter the room, either.

Of course, decorating can be tricky. But, with your new mattress at your back – and these handy Feng Shui tips front and center in your mind – you’ll be able to create a safe and happy bedroom space that maximizes your own personal energy, and that will put your Tempeur-Pedic mattress to its best use yet!

And, if you haven’t yet gotten a new mattress yet, what are you waiting for? Stop in today and we’ll help you pick out the best mattress for your personal sleeping style.

The Best Home Remedies to Stop Snoring on a Tempur-Pedic Mattress

August 27, 2018

Annoyed woman lying in bed with snoring boyfriend

Snoring. It’s a fact of life—though your sleeping partner probably wishes it wasn’t. You toss and you turn and no matter how early you go to bed, your nightly snorting and wheezing leaves you waking up exhausted every morning. Is there any way to beat the beast that lives in your nose?

It turns out, there are a few great ways to take back your nightly sleep. Getting a Tempur-Pedic mattress is a great place to start—the right mattress can do wonders for realigning a body that’s out of whack and getting your breathing back on track! But if you’re already trying (and failing) to get a better night’s sleep on a Tempur-pedic, you might want to try these tips to help you stop snoring and breathe easy.

Don’t Sleep on Your Back

Try switching up your sleeping position. Often, snoring is caused by your tongue falling back into the throat and partially obstructing your airway in the night. By rolling onto your side, you can easily kick this particular cause to the curb.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are great for side sleeping, because they conform to your body and alleviate pressure on the hips and shoulders. If you’re having trouble staying on your side through the night, try taping a tennis ball to your back before bed, or even better, invest in an adjustable Tempur-Pedic bed frame that lets you sit upright while you rest.

Don’t Drink Before Bed

There’s nothing quite like a glass of wine or a beer at the end of a long day. But if you’re struggling with snoring issues, you might want to put down that bottle. Alcohol and other sedatives can relax the throat muscles, causing your throat to swell and making your snoring worse.

Tidy Up

Modern light gray bedroom interior

Simple allergens can do a lot of damage to your sinuses and have been found to be a major cause of snoring. Change out your sheets, dust your shelves, and sweep out all that junk under the bed and see how much better you sleep. You’d be surprised by how often a serious case of snoring is solved by cleaning out the cat dander trapped in your room!

Increase Humidity

Moist air can bring down the swelling in your nasal tissues, and make breathing less difficult. Dry air tends to irritate the sinuses and nasal passages, so keeping your humidifier running through the night can be a big help. Be sure to change out your water often, to avoid any issues with allergens.

Try An Anti-Snoring Apparatus

There are plenty of devices on the market that claim to improve or eliminate snoring. If you aren’t seeing any improvements from these changes in your nightly routine, these methods are worth a try. Anti-snoring breathing strips and nose vents are popular and cheap, and you can also find pillows that help stop snoring in its tracks.

Throat Exercises

It might sound weird, but working out your throat and tongue can actually help you stop snoring. Building up those muscles makes it less likely that your tongue will slide backward in the night. Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth and slide it backwards twenty times. Repeat each vowel out loud for three minutes straight. Say “aah” like you’re at the doctor’s office about twenty times. There are plenty of these to try, so keep searching until you find one that works for you.

If your snoring is still keeping you up after trying all these tips, you should talk to a doctor and make sure your nightly inconvenience isn’t a sign of something more serious. Otherwise, with these tricks up your sleeve, you should be back to getting a peaceful night’s rest on your Tempur-Pedic mattress in no time!

If you have any questions regarding how a Tempur-Pedic mattress can improve your sleep, stop by our store today! Our sales associates are always eager to answer any and every question you may have. Happy sleeping!

The Mattress -REINVENTED

April 10, 2014

When Famous Tate first introduced the Tempur-Pedic line of mattress sets in our showrooms well over 10 years ago,Tempur_zipoff there were 4 basic models, so selecting a new bed was fairly easy.  Over the years, there have been many new models introduced, with a variety of comfort levels & designs.  Sure, there was a lot of choices, but it really became a confusing shopping experience.  Fortunately, the sleep engineers at Tempur-Pedic have done their research and created an all-new line of luxury mattresses for 2014.  Our buyers have done their homework and selected the best of the new models for our showrooms, making your shopping experience a little easier and definitely, a little more relaxing.  Here are some of the great innovations you’ll see in the new line:

EasyRefresh Top Cover

This exclusive cover can be zipped off and on in a flash so you can always count on a fresh, clean mattress.  A smooth-gliding zipper is easy accessed from any side of the bed, making it simple to wash or replace the cover whenever you like.   Nothing worse than ruining the cover of your mattress!  With the older models, they were like any other mattress – if there was a spill or accident, the surface of your premium mattress was forever stained…or at least very hard to clean.

SmartClimate System

To create a more comfortable sleep surface, the top layer of moisture-wicking fabric draws moisture away from your body, while an inner layer provides cool-to-the-touch comfort.  Temperature-regulating sleep surfaces are very popular in today’s premium mattresses, so this is a great feature to see from Tempur-Pedic!

The new Tempur-Pedic line consists of these great models:

TEMPUR-CLOUD PRIMA – topped with a thick layer of extra-soft TEMPUR material for body conforming comfort & support.  The SmartClimate System keeps you comfortable.  10″ mattress height with a medium-soft feel.

TEMPUR-CLOUD SUPREME – pillowy softness , more adaptive support and more TEMPUR material to respond to a sleepers unique shape, weight and temperature.  This model features both the SmartClimate System and the EasyRefresh top cover.  11.5″ mattress height with a soft feel.

TEMPUR-CLOUD ELITE – combines body conforming support with extra softness for great pressure-relief and comfort.  This extra-soft bed features both the SmartClimate System and the EasyRefresh top cover.  12.5″ mattress height with an extra-soft feel.

TEMPUR-CLOUD LUXE – the softest mattress in the new line embraces you in ultra-plush cushioning all night long.  Highly adaptive TEMPUR material adjusts to your unique shape for body conforming support that feels like it was made for you.  This model features both the SmartClimate System and the EasyRefresh top cover.  13.5″ mattress height with an extra-extra soft feel.

TEMPUR-CONTOUR SUPREME – the firmest mattress in the new line perfectly adapts to your temperature, weight and shape for personalized support.  A redesign of the classic models we originally carried.  This model features both the SmartClimate System and the EasyRefresh top cover.  11.5″ mattress height with a firm feel.

TEMPUR-CONTOUR ELITE – delivers the full-body support of TEMPUR material with a firmer feel.  It provides Body conforming comfort for a more rejuvinating night’s sleep.  This model features both the SmartClimate System and the EasyRefresh top cover.  12.5″ mattress height with a medium-firm feel.

TEMPUR-CONTOUR RHAPSODY LUXE – the most conforming mattress in the new line offers a blissful mix of firmer cushioning and body conforming, personalized support.  Slightly softer then the CONTOUR ELITE, this model features both the SmartClimate System and the EasyRefresh top cover.  13.5″ mattress height with a medium-firm feel.

Tempur_new2014_zipperAll models in the new line feature a 10-year full-replacement limited warranty, so you can rest easy that if your new mattress has a defect, Tempur-Pedic will replace or repair it.

Nothing else feels like a Tempur-Pedic, so stop in a showroom soon to experience it for yourself.  The sleep experts at Famous Tate can explain the different feels and help you find the bed that’s right for you.  Our 60-Night Sleep Satisfaction Guarantee also helps so that you will never feel like you picked the wrong bed!  We want you happy with the mattress you select…it’s a big investment…and you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping on it.  See  you soon…


Want some quick tips on how to shop for a mattress?  Check out our mattress purchase guide by clicking here!