Compact Bosch Laundry Pair for the Minimalist

December 27, 2018


If you live a minimalist life, it’s probably the simple things that bring you pleasure. From a subtle grey wall to a piece of furniture that is multi-functional, being a minimalist is all about the whole, “less is more” motto. So, if that sort of lifestyle speaks to you, you probably appreciate downsizing your home in any way possible – even when it comes to your appliances.

With a Bosch compact washer and dryer, you can now do laundry quickly and efficiently without taking up a lot of space. Check out these great reasons why your inner minimalist dreams will come true after using a Bosch compact washer and dryer.

  1. Fit It Anywhere

The Bosch Compact laundry pairs are each 24 inches, making them much smaller than your average washer and dryer. Because of their condensed size, you can fit them almost anywhere in your home! If you have a tiny place, these laundry appliances will be the perfect addition and will never make your home feel cramped. Not to mention, they can also be stacked on top of each other, giving you even more possibilities.

  1. Control from Your Phone

If you have minimalist tendencies, you probably like to stay organized, especially when it comes to your home’s upkeep. With the Home Connect App, you’ll not only be able to keep an eye on your laundry cycles from afar, you’ll also be able to start a wash or dry cycle with a quick touch of a button on your phone.

You’ll also find that having the Home Connect app on your phone can help you keep up with your daily chores, so you don’t fall behind. For example, instead of forgetting about your clothes after running them through a wash cycle, your phone will now be able to notify you when your clothes are done! You can say goodbye to stale-smelling clothes that have been left in the washer too long. This app is simple and functional, which is exactly what the minimalist doctor ordered.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Hand holding light bulb against nature on green leaf with icons energy sources for renewable, sustainable development. Ecology concept. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

One big trait of a minimalist is disliking waste. Luckily, these Bosch appliances do too. A Bosch compact washer and dryer are more than just fashionable appliances, they’re also made for a good cause. From the Eco Perfect Cycle that reduces energy consumption by adjusting the temperature, to being one of the few Energy Star qualified dryers on the laundry market, you’ll find that these appliances are more than just good looks – they’re the full eco-friendly package.

When it comes to style, you can never go wrong with a Bosch appliance. It’s where simplicity, functionality, and efficiency meet, making any Bosch appliance a logical choice for a minimalist. And if you need help finding the perfect one for you, speak to one of our friendly and expert sales associates to guide you to the right path.

5 Things You Should Never Put in Your Whirlpool Dryer

August 10, 2018


Being dry is important.

No matter if it’s your laundry, a newly painted bench, or your clothes after getting off a water ride when you still have a whole day left at the amusement park, staying dry is quite important.

And that’s why dryers are important. And no matter which Whirlpool dryer you have at home — Maybe you just purchased Whirlpool’s Front Load Electric Dryer  – there are some things you should always remember not to put in your dryer.

We’re looking at you Robby: You know why you lost your dryer privileges. Don’t be like Robby. Instead, learn from this practical list and keep your dryer happy for years to come.

  1. Gum

Gum is great for many things, like chewing, blowing bubbles, or sticking under tables and chairs at the movie theater. It is not great for clothes that are going through the laundry.

It’s best practice to go through each pocket of every article of clothing before putting them in the washer or dryer. (Why? Then you won’t pull out your FAVORITE PAIR OF PANTS ROBBY, THEY WERE MY FAVORITE PAIR OF PANTS, only to find out that SOMEONE left a pack of gum in them and now that gum has melted and permanently joined, stained, and become one with what used to be your favorite pair of pants.)

  1. Sandy things

So, you just returned from a wonderful trip to the beach, and now you have a whole bunch of sandy beach towels. Of course, it just makes sense to throw them in the dryer to shake the extra sand out. Right? Riiiight?

WRONG ROBBY. Sand can really mess up your dryer, so don’t do that. No sand in the dryer. None. It can actually get trapped in the inner workings of the dryer, which can do damage to your machine. We don’t want that, and you don’t want that either.

Also, for a bonus tip: Don’t put bathing suits in your Whirlpool dryer either: It will stretch out the fibers. You’re welcome.

  1. Brassieres

Bras and the heat of the dryer just don’t play well together. They aren’t friends, they don’t call each other back, they don’t share LEGOs, they don’t play in the sand box, and they totally don’t eat at the same lunch table.

If you want to keep buying bras over and over again, sure, throw them in the dryer. If not, stick with hang drying them, which will work toward keeping them alive as long as possible.

  1. Rubber-backed bath mats

While they may be great to dry your feet on when you get out of the shower – and keep you from falling and slipping on the bathroom floor – rubber-backed bath mats are best left to dry on their own, instead of placing them inside your Whirlpool dryer.

We’ve heard some stories. And while they weren’t exactly “Goosebumps” levels of horror, we still wouldn’t recommend seeing what happens if you put a bath mat in the dryer.

  1. Animals


Come on now. Yes, while this may come as a surprise to some people, but you really shouldn’t put your pets in the dryer. No, not even if they are wet, Robby. Dry them off with a towel. Anything but putting them in the dryer.

Now, the internet is mixed on whether it is OK to put plush, stuffed animals in the dryer. Some places say yes, but some say no. Let’s just say we wouldn’t trust our personal collection of stuffed animals in there. Better safe than sorry when it comes to Mr. Fluffy.

Questions? Need more advice? Come to our store today – we love talking all things Whirlpool and are happy to answer any and every question you have.

6 Unexpected Items You Can and Can’t Wash in a Laundry Machine

August 6, 2018

Water damage caused by defective washing machine and rubber ducks

You’ve been washing clothes your whole life. Deep down inside, you probably think of yourself as a washing warrior, and that you long ago mastered the secret art of what you can – and cannot – put in the washer.

Well, guess again. We bet that there are some things on this list that will surprise even the most hardened laundry veteran. Sure, everybody knows bras and bathing suits can’t go in the wash, but here’s a list of a few more unexpected items that you either can – or really, really can’t– put in the washer.

Do: Mop heads

Just because mops handle cleaning on their own, doesn’t mean that you can’t give them a little break and clean them, too. Double check the mop head just to be sure, but most removable mop heads can be thrown in the wash, and that way they can live on to clean another day.

Don’t: Flammable stains

Fire damaged kitchen with washing machine and upturned clothes horse

Unless you are trying to turn your washer and dryer into a Fourth of July fireworks celebration, flammable stains should be kept out of them.

That means things like paint thinner, gasoline, motor oil, cooking oil, and alcohol are all out. Again, unless you really want to launch your washing machine into outer space.

Do: Oven mitts

Oven mitts can easily become prime territory for caked-on, hard-to-clean stains. Lasagna, pizza, and most foods you pull out of the oven seem to be made to spill, and going in and out of the heat of the oven means those stains quickly become annoying to clean.

Don’t do it by hand! Throw those mitts in the washer, and let the laundry machine handle the hard work.

Don’t: Coins

That jingle-jangle noise you hear when you are moving your giant pile of clothes from the hamper to the washing machine? It’s not the pitter-patter of reindeer on the roof. That’s the noise of little armies of pain that are about to descend on your poor washing machine.

You always want to make sure to go through your pockets for any loose change – or gum or other stray products for that matter – before putting clothes in the washer. Coins can mess up your washing machine, and you’ll have to save a whole lot of pennies to go out and buy a new one. Keep a little coin jar by the laundry, and treat yourself to some coffee after a few months, instead.

Do: Yoga mats

After you’ve finished your daily downward facing dog and frequent frog pose, don’t just roll up your yoga mat. You could be tightly rolling it up with all the sweat and perspiration from your workout still in there, and if you use your mat frequently, there’s no reason to leave it with all those nasty germs that could easily be knocked out in a quick wash.

Again, you’ll just want to double check to make sure, but most yoga mats are A-OK to put in the washer.

Don’t: Car keys

Batteries + washer = bad idea. You always want to make sure to check your pockets – yes, all pockets on each item of clothing – before throwing a load in the wash, just to make sure that you didn’t leave anything in there that could damage other clothes, or the washer itself.

As for keys, any remotes or anything attached to them that have batteries are already a bad idea, but the keys could also pinch, puncture, poke, or otherwise destroy other articles of clothing. Check your pockets twice, if you have to.

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Laundry Room

December 5, 2017

clothes dryer, laundry pairs, washer and dryer, laundry appliances

If you are tired of the way your laundry room looks, it may be time for a little upgrade! You already spend a good portion of your life, loading and unloading your laundry appliances, why not make the experience a little more pleasant? It doesn’t take much to upgrade your laundry room, so with a little T.L.C., you can make a significant difference. Get creative with your laundry room to make a workspace that you enjoy being in.

  1. Get bins, cabinets, and other kinds of storage

Storage will be one of your best friends when upgrading your laundry room. With bins and other forms of storage, organizing detergent, dryer sheets, bleach, hangers, and more will be easier and less overwhelming to look at. Also, adding shelves helps to maximize your space and accommodate your needs. Not to mention, putting in a table makes a great folding station so you don’t need to transfer the warms clothes from the dryer to a far location.

  1. Brighten it up with paint

Your folding area should be one that is anything but stressful. One way to make it a soothing place is by painting it a color you enjoy. Find a color pallet that brightens up your day when you see it and paint it up! You can also find other ways to add a splash of color through the use of wallpaper. Whatever you do, make it something you will be happy seeing often!

  1. Add personality

Finding creative ways to make your laundry room exciting may sound difficult, but it’s actually rather easy. Think of it like any other room with a theme and just go for it. Dump your detergent, change, broken buttons, and other knick-knacks in their own separate mason jars. Use curtains to conceal your laundry pair, add cute signs, or even put a framed photo in there. Whatever you do, make it a room that makes you happy to be in.

Upgrading your laundry room doesn’t take much – just some motivation and a few tools to get the job done.  After purchasing your next GE washer and dryer, how will you fix up yours?